Email Template

  • Copy and paste the template below into your group email.
  • Insert your church specific information into the blanks. 
  • Sign with all leaders’ names in the space indicated. 
  • Feel free to edit as needed! 


Email Subject: Starting Point | Week 2

Hey Everyone!

We were so glad to have you in our first week of Starting Point. For those of you who were unable to make it, you were missed, and we hope to see you next week. If you want a summary of what we talked about, be sure to check out the member page. If you’d like to read more on what we explored today, here’s a great resource on how to read the Bible (it’s about a five-minute read).

The Details: Just as a reminder, we will be meeting in the same room, SP ____________________ , on ____________________ from ____________________ to ____________________ .

Our Next Group: 

  • Read Chapter 2, “Problem,” in the Starting Point guide and jot down your responses to the questions.
  • Watch or listen to the Chapter 2 Media Message on the Starting Point website (19 minutes).
  • Bring your conversation guide and Bible to group.
  • At our next meeting, group members will have an opportunity to sign up for a time to share their stories. We will be going over the Appendix: What’s Your Story? as a group, but you can watch 60 Seconds on Sharing Your Story if you’re curious about what we mean by “your story.”

See you Sunday!

[SIGN leaders’ names]