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bottom lines

  • Rules always assume a relationship.

  • God’s rules didn’t establish his relationship with Israel; they were a confirmation of his relationship with Israel.

  • God’s plan, beginning with Abraham, always included us.


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weekly win

The win for this week is for participants to understand that God’s rules are designed to protect and provide for us, which is evidence of a loving relationship.

additional resources

Exodus 20:1–17 (10 Commandments)
Romans 7
2 Peter 3:9
Psalm 1:1–2
Galatians 3:6–14
Philippians 1:3–11

Read: Why Are Christians So Judgmental? by Jason Malec
Read: How Good Is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley
Watch: Religion or Relationship? (2 minutes)
Watch: Why in the World? by Andy Stanley, Part 4 Putting Religion In Its Place (43 minutes)
Watch: Free by Andy Stanley, Part 4 Lawless (50 minutes)