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bottom lines

  • Faith has a starting point.
  • The starting point for the Christian faith is a question: Who is Jesus?
  • The Christian faith isn’t about what Jesus said before he died. It’s about what happened after he died: he rose from the dead.

leader notes

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weekly win

The win for week one is to get to know your group members and to create a safe environment that makes them want, or at least be willing, to come back next week.

Additional Resources

Acts 17:16–34
Matthew 6:25–34
Matthew 6: 1–4
Luke 6:27–34
John 14:6–12
2 Timothy 3:16–17

Read: How Do I Read the Bible?
Watch: What Is the Bible? (2 minutes)
Watch: 33 A.D. (3 minutes)
Watch: A Breakdown of the Bible by Andy Stanley (6 minutes)